get your skin in the game! 

We have a true passion for Soap making & FITNESS.

My whole life I wanted to be a professional athlete but I didn't make it that far. While I was training each week I found myself making soap for my friends, family, training partners, & giving it out throughout the years... 

then I  made the leap to be a PRO at soap Making... and maintaining an active lifestyle was the new balance to my life.

I wanted something better for my training partners so I

created a MULTI-function SOAP BAR & recipe!

Top 10 benefits: (fun fact: #10 was my soccer number, so I wanted at least 10 benefits when I was creating this soap)

  1. Massage bar tire ridges on front & sides to roll out knots & great for CIRCULATION!

  2. Loofah & sponge runs through your entire bar! It will not fall out!

  3. Loofah foaming creamy body lather!

  4. Amazing pure essential oils & paraben-free scented options!

  5. Free mesh shower pouch packaging!

  6. "Go Big or Go Home" size! This bar is 7 ounces and will last a long time! over 28+ washes!

  7. Great for Pre or Post-work outs!  We have a special CAFFEINATED OPTION if you need that extra kick in the morning or Pre-workout!

  8. All natural additives like activated charcoal, coffee beans, matcha green tea, & pure cane sugar crystals for exfoliation.

  9. Certified Cruelty-Free by Leaping Bunny and 100% vegan!

  10. 100% skin loving oils of coconut, jojoba, & sweet almond oil for a high quality rich lather!

get your skin in the game!

Our skin is the first to come in contact with gym equipment, yoga mats, and our training partners. Having small cuts or bacteria on your skin can put you & your partners at high risk of sickness, disease, and bacterial infections. Practicing proper hygiene is vital in the event of spreading bacterial infections such as Ring Worm, MRSA, and even staph. These bacterial infections are very common among gyms and can prevent you from training if you are infected.

This led me on a MISSION to handcraft and strategize a soap bar exclusively designed for the active and fit lifestyle.

hit the shower main yoga.jpg

There's a gameday skin care strategy for everyone.